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Plantain Buckwheat Pancakes

Plantain and buckwheat pancakes

Pancakes would have to be my all time favourite brunch – gluten free and refined sugar free of course. But making pancakes like this can be difficult, especially when you want to recreate the fluffiness and texture. But this recipe is pretty much perfect!

Plantains look like massive bananas and are found all year round in places like West and Central Africa, Central America, Caribbean Islands and South America. The ones I found at a supermarket here in Grenoble were from Columbia.

Disclaimer- I normally try to only eat locally sourced produce but this is one of those rare occasions where I’m a bit naughty.

You can do a lot with plantains but my most favourite thing to do with them is make pancakes. You need to leave the plantain to ripen until its yellow with big black spots  on it. The longer you leave it to ripen, the sweeter and better tasting your pancakes will be.

You’ll notice that these pancakes look quite dark and normally they are a lot lighter in colour. It’s because I chopped the plantain and put it in a freezer bag and froze for later use. When I defrosted it, the plantain went a slightly darker colour. It’s still tastes the same though – divine!

Plantain & Buckwheat Pancakes

Serves 2

1 ripe plantain (yellow with a fair amount of black on it – no green at all)
2 eggs
2 tbsp buckwheat flour
1/2 tbsp lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp bicarb soda
1 pod vanilla bean scrapings or vanilla extract
coconut oil or butter for frying
Your favourite toppings such as full fat greek yogurt, berries, honey, goji berries and coconut flakes to serve


Place all ingredients in a blender (except for the ingredients to serve) and blend until smooth.

Fry with some of the coconut oil or butter in a pan on a low heat with a lid on for a few minutes or until small bubbles appear on the surface and they are more than 3/4s cooked through.

Ensure you keep the heat on very low with a lid on so they cook all the way through. They will be really messy to flip if you don’t.

Flip and cook for a further 30 seconds.

Serve with your favourite pancake toppings.


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